A is a great way to generate a list of buyers, you can generate a good page report and sell it for a few dollars and pay affiliates pay you 100% commision and help you building a list.

You may not be able to built traffic to your site but the traffic that you get would be of quality. To start this you all need a page or script to attached it with paypal. You can just register a new domain along with good graphic website.

You can get you graphics done through http://www.blingcovers.com/


Developing your own affiliate program is a great source for generating taffic to your blog. You can really get hundreds of free traffic. You might thing its too hard but actually not, it quite simple.

You just need a good product, salesletter, paying money to affiliate, tools for promotions. It is not necessary that product you choose to be yours. You can get products complete with salesletter and tools.

Steps to start your own affiliate:-

1. Get resale rights for a good product, you can get hundreds of products on search engines. Watchout there are also many junk products avaliable in the market.

2. Register at Click Bank merchant account, click here to sign up.

3. Promote your selected product, you can try solo ads, banners etc.


Make Money Online with Blogs

Great way to make  money with blogging is to get a blog run which is in your interest. Blogs provide a good source to earning. You can create several blogs of your interest. So if you earn per day $1 for one blog, if you have 10 , you can earn 10$ per day. You can create free blogs using wordpress or blogger.

You can either select wordpress or blogger, whatever you select is pretty much matter of personal preference.
According to me wordpress is better as it provides variety of templates and plugins and too has better security. It also provides more fuctions that you can perform on your blog. Using wordpress plugins you can easily add affiliate banners to you blog.

The other option is Blogger which is owned by Google. The Problem with blogger is the avaliablity of templates in compared to wordpress. The widgets supported by blogger are also limited. The functions that are in admin session are also limited. There are also some indexing problem. Finally that pretty much matter of personal preference.

The next important thing is to get traffic to you blog. There are many ways to get traffic to your blog. You can upload a most viewed video to video channel and get a punch of traffic. You can even try social websites like orkut, etc. Google adwords is also the best way to get traffic. You can write articles and submit it to article directories.  for example


You can also try


This free tool in your Mozilla Foxfire browser submits your website or blog to more than hundred directories all one time. You can take advantage of this free software and get good tarffic. If you get more traffic you get more subscriber and that earns more money.


Affiliate marketing it is by far the easiest way to make money online.
In case you have never tried your hand at affiliate marketing here is an easy guide for getting started and a few tips to help you avoid the mistakes that many make. You should focus on Marketable Niche before you select product you sell.

Childrens who love cartoons is a very large niche. But children don’t usually have their own money to spend. In many cases even the grown ups themselves love the crazy cartoons and don’t mind spending their money.

Choosing Products

Now where to find products online to sell. Here a few companies where you can sign up as an affiliate programs and earn a commission on the referral sales that come from your links. 

     World's Largest Market Place For Digital Products

 Sort of cross between Paypal and ClickBank

  A huge Article Directory for Major Business

   Affiliate manager for major companies

Amazon is huge affiliate


I am going to discuss on different ways to earn through internet, I am giving you tested ideas for making money online. This ideas are going to work if you put required actions and stick to it. There are many ways other than described below. Just set you destination goal, Believein yourself and work on it. You may make mistake, valuable Information comes from mistakes.

Make Money Online with Affiliate Programs
Make Money Online with Blogs
Make Money Online with Telesminars & Webinars
Make Money Online with Residual Income Programs
Make Money Online with Audio eCourses
Make Money Online with eBooks
Make Money Online with ebay Referrals
Make Money Online Selling Stock Photos
Make Money Online Providing Helpdesk Support
Make Money Online with a Membership Site
Make Money Online Interviewing Experts
Make Money Online a Local Online Mall
Make Money Online with Social Networking Sites
Make Money Online with Your Own Niche Directory
Make Money Online with An Internet Radio Show
Make Money Online with a Classified Advertising Site
Make Money Online with a Local Real Estate Portal
Make Money Online Creating Your Own Software
Make Money Online as a Consultant
Make Money Online with a Content Site
Make Money Online as a Virtual Assistant

We will be discussing each ideas in later articles.


Traffic To Your Site

One of great way to get taffic to to your site is google adwords , but you can write articles or use other pay per click sites, social bookmarking, press releases, videos, any of the other traffic generating strategies.

You can get high quality traffic for as low as 0.01 cent per click. If visitor subscribes at your site to receive regular content there’s a potential that you can make more from him over time. You can get good traffic usually within few minutes of setting up adwords campaigns. You can signup at Google adwords here:



https://www.google.com/intl/en_us/adwords/select/steps.html for Step-by-Step.

To get cheap traffic from adwords is to have huge keyword list. Start all campaigns with a max bid of0.10 cents and then slowly reduce bids to level where you can still receive converting traffic.Activateyour ads on the content network and also in all countries.

You can use http://www.wordstream.com/adwords-keyword-tool for keywords lists.

I would suggest you to launch your website with pay per click traffic. This will let you to evaluate your website’s profit sooner rather than later.

A $4+ per day budget should be sufficient to allow you to evaluate whether your website is profitable or not. Allow your first campaign to run for at least a week. If your site generates good profit, that is when you are earning more than you are spending in Adwords, you can increase your bids amount to get more traffic.

When your site generates good profit , you should start traffic generating strategies. This will allow you to cut back on your pay per click costs in the future.